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Sollophonic Guitars – Electric Playability, Acoustic Volume, Resonator Tone.

Sollophonic Guitars are Solid-Bodied Resonator Guitars. They are designed to give a number of uses from one instrument. They have the playability, durability and the portability of an electric guitar, yet they don’t rely on having an amp. They have the volume of an acoustic, without the bulk and the high action. They also give a resonator guitar tone, at a lower volume than standard resonators, ideal for when you are playing with quieter instruments, or don’t want to disturb the neighbours/wake the kids.

They are ideal for late night jams, so that your lead or melody lines can be heard over other instruments without amplifiers. They are tough enough to use in pub sessions, and still be heard (and seen!). They are great as a guitar to pick up when inspiration strikes, without plugging in, setting up etc. They give a great glassy slide tone, both acoustic and amplified, and work well in both standard and open tunings. They are also a truly individualistic, solid body resonator guitar, which combine the best elements of guitar iconography, with the best elements of guitar tone and versatility.

My two favorite guitars are the single cone resophonic guitar, which was an early solution to guitarists being heard and the Telecaster® , which was the first production electric guitar.

The Sollophonic guitar is based on the slab bodied, single cut style of the original first production electric guitar. This design really works as a solid bodied resonator, combining simplicity, reliability and playability.

To me it is also historically relevant in the development of the electric guitar. It combines the original solution to guitarists being heard;- the resonator guitar, with the first production solid-bodied electric. My two favourite designs, merged into one!

These have rear soundholes/sound-ports,  they have volume and tone controls, and can be set up for playing either slide or not, or a compromise between the two. I source good quality guitars to use as the basis for Sollophonic solid bodied resonators, and all of them are set up for optimum playability and reliability.

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