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Sollophonic Guitars – Constructor, Converter, Repairer and Renovator of Electric and Acoustic Guitars.


I am a trained musical instrument repairer with years of experience. I have also a lot of experience of playing different types of guitar and knowing how to get the best out of them.

New pickups fitted to Gibson Les Paul
New pickups fitted to Gibson Les Paul

I offer a wide range of repairs and services to guitarists both local and beyond.

Many new guitars do not play well “straight out of the box”. I can turn your new guitar into a highly playable, very satisfying instrument. Let me “set-up” your guitar to your requirements. I believe that many of our budget instruments are the best budget instruments that have been made. Compared to the cheap instruments of 20 years ago they are light years ahead. Their weak points are often the pick-ups and the hardware that they come with. Adding new strings, a new bone nut and new pick-ups can transform these instruments into guitars with great tones. I can do this for you.

I can also breathe new life into tired old instruments too. Many older guitars benefit from a few simple upgrades to give them a new lease of life and make them into wonderful instruments again.

Andy Solloway- Resonator Guitar Specialist

website repair page resonator repair
Resonator Guitar repair

I am a seasoned specialist in the repair, set up and optimising of resonator guitars. These guitars are different from ordinary guitars and need specialist care and attention.

Resonator guitars of all kinds benefit from specialist set-up to improve and enhance their playing and tone. Contact me and let me bring your resonator back to life. New cones, new nut, new strings and a proper set-up of these guitars can work wonders.

Many Resonator guitars need some work to optimize their play-ability and sound, and they also need specialists who know what they are doing, to do this. They are nowhere near as straightforward as electric and acoustic guitars, and replacing parts and setting-up is something that Sollophonic Guitars can do to your resophonic guitar that needs some TLC

COVID-19 Update.

I will still be doing guitar repairs but on a very different basis during this pandemic. I have the facilities to be able to do socially distanced drop-offs of repairs, however I would encourage this to be done as part of local, essential travel only and for repairs that will bring a guitar to a more usable, playable condition to get you through this lock-down and crisis. So restrings, set-ups, simple electronics repairs are do-able, but more complex issues will have to wait. 

Guitars will have to be dropped off with me with specific email instructions. They will be quarantined for 48 hours before I work on them, they will be sterilised as much as possible too. I will use my own PPE to work on them so you can be assured of my own hygiene arrangements

The length of time on turnaround for repairs will hence be increased, so on the spot jobs are a no-no. A set-up and restring will be between 5-7 days

When the repair is done, I will contact you and arrange collection, again which will be socially distanced and I will endeavour to contact you with photos of the repair before collection so that you can be happy with the result.

I will also have to insist on cashless payment such as bank transfer or PayPal

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