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Guitar lessons, Skipton & Surrounding Areas

Have you just got yourself your first guitar? Or have you returned to the guitar after some years? Are you finding it to be more difficult than you thought? I can offer tuition in how to get your guitar playing started. No, I won’t teach you how to play like your heroes. No, I won’t teach you music theory. What I will do is get you started on the joys of getting a good sound, and a good groove out of your guitar and getting you to enjoy playing. I believe that playing the guitar is one of the best ways of relieving the stresses and strains of our lives, and that guitars are made to be played. Let me get you started.

Slide Guitar Tuition

website tuition page slide guitar lessonsI also offer introductory and intermediate lessons on  playing slide guitar, a technique which people often find very difficult to master. If you ar struggling with this aspect of guitar playing, please get in touch. Often a short course of lessons is all it takes to get the hang of this tricky, but wonderful sounding technique.

My tuition is priced at £20 per hour, with the introductory lesson half price and takes place in my own home. Contact me for details.

I have been a musician for over 35 years, during the 1980s and 1990s was a gigging and recording guitarist, in a variety of bands playing a diverse spread of music, and I still play in gigging bands in the Skipton area.  I also play a number of other fretted instruments including Mandola, Bouzouki and Appalachian Dulcimer. This experience means that I can offer teaching on many levels, from the beginner or returner to guitar playing, to individually tailored tuition on specific aspects of guitar technique.

Just started playing and need encouragement as well as chord diagrams? Need to brush up on your rhythm guitar playing? Want an introduction to using open tunings? Need to expand your knowledge of chord shapes, structures and progressions? I can teach you to get a good groove, a good tone, and good fun out of your guitar playing.

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