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Paulowina Body, P90 Pickup, Roseacer Neck, Thin Skin Finish


Paulowina Body, Roseacer Board Neck, Very Lightweight, Thin Skin Finish, P90 Soapbar Pickup, Black Scratchplate, Rear Round-holes And Rear Routed Controls. Mixed Versatile Action. A Belter!!!



This is a Sollophonic solid-bodied resonator guitar with a paulowina body and a roseacer board neck, all with a thin skin finish.  Like all Sollophonic Guitars it has a Continental cone under the cover-plate and a bone top nut with widened string spacing. This guitar has a nice roseacer board neck with a very satin finish and a slim-ish profile, with enclosed tuners. I have done some extra work on the fretboard near the nut which was originally cut too wide by the guitar maker, but now has a slim profile bone nut. Strung with 12-52 strings, it has a rosewood biscuit bridge and a rosewood saddle, and is set up with an action which is a mix for both slide playing, while still giving the ability for chord and lick playing around the lower frets. This gives the guitar a bright, full-toned acoustic sound, and makes for a great bottleneck playing instrument. It has a P90 Soap-bar pickup, rated at 9K, wired to rear routed controls near the jack socket and topped with chrome, domed knobs. This pickup gives a great electric sound, classic P90 tone, and is mounted under a black three ply scratch-plate, which compliments the natural finish of the guitar. This finish is very thin, a couple of coats of water based varnish, which will weather with playing and time.  Finally it has a sieve pattern cover-plate, a standard length tail-piece and rear sound-holes in a circular pattern. The paulowina body makes this a very lightweight guitar, which would suit many players.

So to sum up, all natural timber guitar which allows rear routed controls and rear sound holes. Continental cone, slide biased action, rosewood bridge and saddle, P90 Soapbar pickup and black scratch-plate. This guitar has a thin varnish finish, rather than a glossy one.

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