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Epiphone Les Paul Special Conversion. Used Guitar, Light Wear, Hotrail Pickup

£295.00 £275.00

Lightly Used Black Epiphone Les Paul Special Conversion, Hot-Rail Pick-up, Spider Style Cover-plate, Rear Sound Port, Cover-plate Mounted Controls, White Pearl Scratch-plate. Sweet Playing, Great Sounding!!!



This is an Epiphone Les Paul Special conversion, with a Hot-rail pick-up. Converted from a lightly used black guitar, this has had a full fret dress and polish, has a Continental cone under the cover-plate and a bone top nut with widened string spacing. It has an all rosewood bridge and saddle, 11-52 strings and is set up with a mixed, versatile action for both slide and non-slide playing. It has a white Hot-rail hum-bucker pick-up rated at 11k, mounted to a circular white pearl scratch-plate/mounting ring, and this is wired to controls mounted on the spider bridge style cover-plate. It uses the stop-tail bridge as a string anchor and it has a rear sound-port with a stainless steel grille.

So to sum up, a lightly used guitar made into a sweet playing and sounding resonator guitar. Hot-rail pick-up, spider style cover-plate, fully set up and ready to play.

These Epiphones make great conversions, offering a slightly shorter scale guitar with a different style. They take a bit more work, but the results are worth it.

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