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Black And Red, Roseacer Board Neck, Hotrail Pickup


Black And Red, Roseacer Board Neck, Hotrail Pickup, Red Torty Guard, Sieve Style Cover-plate, Standard Tailpiece, Rear Sound Port, Mixed Versatile Action. A Stonker!!!



This is a Sollophonic solid-bodied resonator guitar with a black body and a roseacer board neck. Like all Sollophonic Guitars it has a Continental cone under the cover-plate and a bone top nut with widened string spacing. This guitar has a nice roseacer board neck with a satin finish and an easy playing profile, with enclosed tuners. Strung with 12-52 strings, it has a rosewood biscuit bridge and a maple saddle, and is set up with an action which is a good mix for both slide and non-slide playing. The combination of this gives this guitar a great, loud, rich acoustic tone, and makes for a very versatile instrument. It has a Hot-Rail humbucker pickup, rated at 10K, wired to controls on a chrome plate near the jack socket and topped with chrome domed knobs. This pickup gives a full, warm electric sound and is noise-cancelling, and is mounted to a red tortoise-shell scratch-plate, which compliments the black finish of the guitar. Finally it has a sieve pattern cover-plate, a standard length tail-piece and a rear sound-port with a stainless steel grille.

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