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Black And Pearl, Roseacer Board Neck, Lawrence Keystone Pickup, Control Plate Choice;-)


Black, Roseacer Board Neck, Bill Lawrence Keystone Pickup, White Pearl Scratch-plate, Continental Cone, Versatile Action for Both Slide and Non-slide, Chicken-foot Style Cover-plate, Rear Sound Port, Choice of Control Plate/Knob Options (Just For a Bit of Variety). A Stonker!!!



This is a black Sollophonic solid-bodied resonator guitar with a roseacer board neck, a Bill Lawrence pickup and a pearl white pickguard. Like all Sollophonic Guitars it has a Continental cone under the cover-plate and a bone top nut with widened string spacing. This guitar has a lovely roseacer board neck with a satin finish and a slim-ish profile, with enclosed tuners. Strung with 12-52 strings, it has a rosewood biscuit bridge and a maple saddle, and is set up with an action which has a slight bias towards slide playing, while still giving a good ability for chord and lick playing around the lower frets. This gives the guitar a bright, full-toned acoustic sound, and makes for a great bottleneck playing instrument. It has a Bill Lawrence Keystone Telecaster pickup, rated at 6K, wired to controls on a chrome or a white pearl plate near the jack socket and topped with either amp knobs or black domed knobs. Open coiled, this pickup gives a great, clean, clear electric sound, classic twang tone, and is mounted to a white pearl three ply scratch-plate, which complements the black finish of the guitar. Finally it has a chicken-foot pattern cover-plate, a standard length tail-piece and a rear sound-port with a stainless steel grille.

So to sum up, black, pearl and chrome guitar. Continental cone, bright, full sounding, Bill Lawrence Keystone pickup, versatile action, rosewood bridge and saddle, chicken-foot cover-plate,  rear sound port.

As a one off, I can offer a choice of control plate/control knob options. Do you want chrome plate/amp knobs, chrome plate/black knobs, pearl control plate/amp knobs, pearl control plate/black knobs? Your choice…..;-)

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